Karmic Lizard High Standard

A unit of 5 miniatures of the same type costs $45, 30 euro or 300 SEK.

A unit of 5 different miniatures (such as a unit command or special weapons) would cost $60, 40 euro or 400 SEK.

Single miniatures (such as leaders or heroes) costs $45, 30 euro or 300 SEK. This means that this single model will get as much time as a whole unit of five normally would, making the end results impressive to say the least.

Closed vehicles such as Tanks cost $45, 30 euro or 300 SEK.

Open-topped vehicles (with up to 2 crew members) cost $60, 40 euro or 400 SEK.

Special offers

At Karmic Lizard we find great joy in some of Games Workshop's less known miniature ranges, called Specialist Games. We will offer discounts on commissions for these games. This includes Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Epic Armageddon, Battlefleet Gothic and Mordheim.

These discounts can vary between orders, but are usually in the form of getting a number of single miniatures (star players, leaders or heroes) painted for free.